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Tulip Management’s leadership development training programs can also be made available to organizations that desire to deliver the training internally.


To become a facilitator of the Tulip Management training programs, our company certifies a designated employee as an internal trainer. The certification is specific to the classes chosen by the organization.






Management consulting Customized projects

Examples of previous projects:


Assessment and recommendations: The product development organization

  • Asses the strengths and weaknesses of the product development organization

  • Identify hot-spots, develop improvement options and recommend solutions

  • Align the product development organization based on the company's strategy

  • Identify leadership needs and team roles

  • Develop succession management


Out-source and off-shore R&D initiatives

  • Develop strategy and objectives

  • Best practices for processes, support systems, and infrastructure

  • Employees' communication plan


Performance management

  • Plan and implement a performance management program

  • Identify skill gaps and training needs

  • Career planning


Hiring initiatives

  • Define requirements and schedules

  • Manage the hiring process and facilitate decision making

  • Develop "coming up to speed" plan






Coaching - Achieving individual leadership objectives


Coaching is a "tough-love" process helping individuals "win" their professional objectives. The skills and capabilities that enabled a leader to be effective so far are not always sufficient to grow the business and the organization to the next level. Coaching involves goals setting, a 360 feedback instrument, an action plan and results evaluation.


The steps of analyzing growth opportunities and action plan development encompass a dialogue and prioritization of short term and long term objectives.

Areas for improvements may typically include:

  • Create a shared vision

  • Lead change and growth

  • Communicate strategy and objectives clearly and effectively

  • Develop staff - provide opportunities, feedback and training

  • Empower people - trust and support individuals to grow competency

  • Manage performance - accountability for results, performance improvements

  • Build partnerships within the organization and with 3rd party

  • Lead global teams






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