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Maya Raber provided leadership development and consulting services to LeapFrog. Her extensive experience in management of global high-tech organizations was valuable in planning initiatives and in assessing and developing leadership capabilities. We recommend her services enthusiastically.


Michael Chai - SVP, Research and Development

I had the great pleasure to work with Maya on Leadership and Development initiatives at my previous company, Ampush and my current company, Skava.  

At Skava, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to do a train-the-trainer model with Maya.  She trained me on the classes she was training my US managers on and I led those same training sessions in our India locations.  The trainings were a big hit! I received such positive feedback  directly from the India team and those employees also reached out to my CEO and gave glowing feedback about the trainings.  Needless to say, Maya made me look like a rock star and I was able to make such a huge impact on a global level! 


Neera Gunn - Global HR

Maya and tulip management are game changers for a fast growth company. As a CEO whose startup has gone from 0 to 100 people in less than 4 years, Maya's advice and counsel have been invaluable to myself and the key leaders throughout Ampush. She is extremely results oriented but still teaches key capabilities of compassionate leadership/management. I'd highly recommend her to any company.


Jesse Pujji - Co-Founder & CEO

Maya has trained our employees using a comprehensive program around collaboration, team work and goal setting. Her simple and interactive half day classes have been very well received. We use it as a core offering for both new and old employees. Maya spends the time to understand the company culture and modifies her offering to reflect the unique attributes of our culture.


Manish Chandra - Co-Founder & CEO

Maya Raber brings knowledge of management excellence with an engineering perspective, she is a rare and valuable resource in the area of leadership development. I highly recommend her.




Lou Montulli - VP of Engineering

Maya was hired by Netformx to improve a few challenging managerial areas in a fast-growing company (3x over a few years). What makes Maya's work most effective is her deep background in managing high-tech and R&D organizations from start-ups to large corporations. That unique hands-on broad experience provides the necessary background that enables Maya to offer a unique perspective. Her courses and follow-up advice are real-life, not a text book exercise. Maya has actually implemented all of her methodologies in real-life high-tech situations. For me, as an executive, this is the most valuable experience a consultant can bring to the table. Netformx has utilized about 5 modules of training both in Israel and in the US with great results. The real success criteria is whether employees indeed utilize the training over time. In Netformx's case, it sure is the case in many areas: especially in Hiring, Leadership, Constructive Feedback and Performance Management. Maya's training is inventive, creative, and provides out-of-the box immediate implementation. If you need a straightforward, result-oriented training in any of the fields Maya focuses on, this is a sure bet.


Raphael Epstein - President & Chief Strategy Officer

Maya worked with KANA engineering, to deliver Leadership courses while KANA was going through a transition phase. The goal in hiring her was to establish a culture of high efficiency. KANA had hired a lot of engineers, very quickly, and needed to bring a operational excellence into engineering processes while cultivating leadership skills to drive high performance. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions that Maya conducted. What was unique about her is that she truly understands engineering processes and how to communicate with engineers. A skill that is rare to find a leadership consultant. I still remember the key points from her sessions very well and putting them into practice has served me well. Some of the courses that Maya delivered at KANA were: Hiring for Results, Giving constructive feedback, Recognizing success, Managing change, and Delegation.

Today, I can proudly say that KANA engineering team is a high performing team and a lot of the groundwork for that success can be attributed to Maya's guidance early on. I would highly recommend Maya for consulting with any engineering team that is poised for growth and wants to make a cultural shift towards higher performance.


Vikas Nehru - VP products

I hired Maya Raber and her company Tulip Management to train my management team as part of overall scalability and high performance initiative for Engineering organization. Tulip had unique and fast results programs geared towards technology managers and their unique challenges such as providing constructive feedback, managing distributed teams etc. Maya was very professional, thorough and drove every step of the process making it easy for me to do business with her. She believed in her mission and brought deep care and passion to helping her students get better. She was meticulous and I received positive feedback from team. I would strongly recommend others looking at hiring Maya to remedy similar type of challenges.


Manoj Goyal - VP Products and Engineering

In my role of director of engineering I had to hire several engineers in a short period of time. I wanted active and engaged participation by the entire existing team so we could attract and select the best candidates and so the process would scale. We brought in Maya to deliver her "Hiring for Results" workshop. My team came out of the workshop energized with ideas for how to improve our processes, interview effectively and hire the talent we need. I was very pleased with the results and I would hire Maya again.


Erik Sowa - Director of Engineering

I worked with Maya over a several month period in a management coaching program. I found her easy to work with, insightful and effective. She provided me with relevant, structured feedback that was easy to incorporate into my management approach.


Andrew Potts - CFO

Maya provided professional training to a group of employees at Tiburon. She is very personable, amicable, and interesting. Her training was the best, most enjoyable and informative training that I have experienced. Her multi-cultural understanding is invaluable in today's business world. She presented the material in an engaging and interesting light and kept the group engaged throughout the training. She handled delicate situations which arose amongst members of the group during the training with exceptional expertise and professionalism. I would highly recommend Maya's services without reservation -- and hope that in the future if my company provides additional training to employees that they will bring

Maya in to do it.


Melena Fancher - Team leader in Portland, OR

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