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Why Tulip

Focus on the high-tech industry


The fast-paced and high-tech focused courses are designed to accommodate fast-learning, analytical individuals.

Class material includes relevant case studies that help participants contextualize the content.






Tailored to company's needs


Each training class focuses on a particular leadership skill. Participants learn how to use this skill correctly and effectively and how to overcome potential obstacles.

Training programs can be structured in any combination of classes out of 12 classes available.






Global delivery


Instructors are available to travel to different company locations to provide same and consistent training globally.

We have delivered training in over 40 cities across the U.S., 

as well as in Canada, Israel, India, China,  Taiwan, Korea, Japan, U.K., France, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Brazil.






Easy to implement, deliver results


Classes are structured to enable participants to exercise their new skills using their own work experiences and issues. This method makes the concepts relevant, improves the retention of the knowledge acquired, and increases participants’ engagement level.

Implementing the new skills provides the true benefit of the training and an immediate return on the investment in leadership development.






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